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Baby Carrier Q&A


Babywearing is the practice of keeping our little ones close to us using a baby carrier. Though the word came into modern vocabulary only in the 1980s, as a practice and using various carrier styles, the concept has existed for centuries among many indigenous and nomadic communities around the world.

Baby carriers are a very useful and practical parenting tool. Read all about the Benefits of Babywearing here.

All our carriers are designed for use from 3kgs upwards. If your baby meets the weight requirement, you can start babywearing right from day 1!

Yes, newborns thrive on being held close! Read all about the amazing benefits of Newborn Babywearing here.

Our carriers are generously sized and designed to comfortably support children from 0-4 years. Take a look at our Carrier Comparison Page to find the carrier that is perfect for your family.

Absolutely! All our carriers are breastfeeding friendly. We have some How-To videos to help you out. To put it simply, you loosen the carrier a little, enough to lower your child to a comfortable feeding position. Always remember to reposition your baby to an upright and kissable position afterward.

Our carriers are designed to offer natural, ergonomic support to you and your child and we are tested and certified for international safety standards (ASTM). Our carriers are designed by babywearing mothers and there are thousands of families who have stayed safe and happy together with Soul around the world. This being said, if you or your baby have a medical condition, we recommend you take advice from your medical practitioner for your specific needs before using a carrier.

Soul carriers fit a wide range of adult bodies from petite to plus-sizes (waist size 27”-62”) and are designed with comfort and safety as top priorities. The generous length of the webbing(straps) on the waistband and the shoulder straps ensures that parents of most sizes fit comfortably in our carriers.

There are no rules which state that you need to limit your babywearing time! You can wear your baby in the carrier for as much time as both of you are comfortable. You may take a break for feeds or diaper changes as needed.

We understand that every family has different needs. Here’s the Soul Guide to choosing your baby carrier.

All Soul carriers are available in both cotton and linen as we believe 100% natural fiber fabrics are the most suitable for baby carriers for our weather.

Cotton is a popular choice because it’s familiar, affordable and easy to maintain. We use strong woven cotton which softens with use. They are available in solids and prints.

Linen, while being a premium option, is totally worth the additional cost. We use the best quality linen in a very soft weave, designed especially for babywearing. It's even lighter than cotton and is a lot airier too. Our linens are available in solid colours.

We suggest a linen carrier if your budget permits, as all of our linen customers love and recommend the same too!

Yes! All our baby carriers are Ergonomic. Products that are designed to be comfortable and optimally effective to those using it are called “Ergonomic”. Here’s what ergonomics looks like in a baby carrier:

For baby:

- A deep seat for baby at every stage

- Healthy-hip spread squat position

- Supports the spine’s natural curve

- Padded neck support

For you:

- Baby’s weight evenly distributed on your body

- Supportive padded shoulder straps & waistband

- Easy to reach buckles and straps

- Better posture while carrying

Soul carriers are designed by babywearing parents for babywearing parents. You can really feel the difference when you use the product. We are a brand with a big heart and we always work hard to build a sustainable, caring, and conscious community. Read all about why you should support us here.

There is so much more that goes into our product than fabric and buckles. Soulslings is India’s pioneer babywearing brand that has paved the path for 8+ years.Our carriers are designed with care by babywearing parents and educators keeping safety, comfort, and ergonomics as the top priorities. They are handmade with love using ethically sourced natural fabrics and hardware of the best quality.Additionally, we take great care to ensure that every single step of your babywearing experience is beautiful: helpful customer service, carriers for varying needs, free babywearing sessions, and a warm community, all run and led by mothers who understand the product and the customers' needs.

Wanting to be held facing outwards is a brief phase that some babies go through between 4-8 months. Check that your baby is developmentally ready with adequate neck and torso control, in a simple way - they are able to turn/lift their head when they are held away from you under their arms. Always pay attention to your baby’s cues for hunger, sleep, or overstimulation. Never let them sleep in this position, if your baby is sleepy, turn them inwards to face you.

Please note, Anya is the ONLY carrier from Soul that is designed and tested for Forward Facing Out position. Please do not attempt to face baby out in any of our other carriers. If your baby is feeling curious, you can alternatively try a Back Carry in Aseema, or a Hip Carry in Eka (only once your baby is sitting independently.)

If you have misplaced or by mistake did not receive your product manual, you can find it here on our website. In addition, we have extensive video tutorials for each of our carriers. We also offer free weekly babywearing sessions with our in-house educator.For any further help or assistance, you can write to us at

Most babies love to be held close and snug like they were in the womb. That being said, they do take some time to adapt to anything new. We suggest introducing the carrier when the baby is fed, rested, and in a pleasant mood. Wear them and take a slow walk, sing softly, gently sway, and make it an enjoyable experience. Most important: babies sense our feelings and reciprocate accordingly, so a calm, confident wearer will ensure that your baby will take to the carrier in a positive way!

Yes, absolutely. We have many C-Section mothers using our carriers. With a newborn, you have to wear the waistband high, and it will be clear above your incision. That being said, we do recommend that you listen to your body and take time to heal adequately before you begin babywearing.

No, our buckle carriers are only certified for use with babies who meet the weight requirements (3 kgs minimum).

It is never too late to start babywearing, we say! Many toddlers love being carried, and many parents continue to find it very helpful, especially when maneuvering crowded places, or while travelling.

When fitted correctly, you should not feel any pain during or after using the carrier. That being said, there are a few reasons this can be happening. If it is something new you are trying, your body may be a bit sore for a while after, just like when you try a new workout routine! Additionally, if you have any history of injury or any pre-existing conditions like spondylitis, you may need to consult with your physician about using a carrier.Reach out to our team for a free fit check to make sure you are using the carrier in the best way for your body and your baby.

Original Soul products are only sold directly through this website and through some of our trusted partners. Any site listing product that's not included here is not an authorized reseller and the products cannot be confirmed as authentically produced by Soul.When it comes to pre-loved carriers, you may reach out to our team with photographs to double-check the authenticity of the product.

Anya is our latest and most innovative design. Years of experience, research, and development have gone into making India's only no adjustment multi position carrier. We can confidently say that there is no other Indian baby carrier that offers the kind of deep seat in forward facing position that Anya does.Furthermore, the prices of all raw materials and taxes have gone up these last few years. Despite inflation, we have kept Aseema at its original price point for 4+ years now to meet the needs of our customers. Whichever carrier you buy from Soulslings, you are guaranteed a beautiful babywearing experience - from customer care, to product quality, and after sale service and support.

Safety & Materials

There is so much more that goes into our product than fabric and buckles. Soulslings is India’s pioneer babywearing brand that has paved the path for 8+ years. Our carriers are designed with care by babywearing parents and educators keeping safety, comfort, and ergonomics as the top priorities. They are handmade with love using ethically sourced natural fabrics and hardware of the best quality.We take great care to ensure that every single step of your babywearing experience is beautiful: helpful customer service, carriers for varying needs, free babywearing sessions, and a warm community, all run and led by mothers who understand the product and the customers' needs.

Yes, every Soul baby carrier is tested and certified to international standards (ASTM). You can find more information on the safety label on the inside of your carrier, and also in the instruction manual you receive with it.

We source only the best quality 100% natural fabrics to make our products. Our cotton and linen is locally sourced and coloured with baby-safe dyes. The hardware we use - buckles, elastics, padding, straps, and snaps - are all carefully chosen for their durability and safety.

This is a myth when it comes to ergonomically designed carriers. The upright position ensures free air passages, free movement for the legs and arms, and good support for the neck and head. This is the optimal position for a newborn. In a Soul carrier, your baby sits within the carrier with their knees drawn higher than their bottom and their hands on their chest, mimicking the natural position when held in your arms. The soft fabric molds to support the natural curve of the spine at every stage of development.

Newborns are adorably squishy for a few months after birth. Their bones are very soft and their muscles are still developing. This is the main reason it is important for your newborn to be held in a natural, wide-legged position during their early months. Our carriers, especially Eka, have been designed keeping this special stage in mind. They provide your baby with support for their hips, thighs, neck, and back, while being open, airy, and lightweight for free movement.

No, carriers cannot cause hip problems in otherwise healthy babies. All newborns are checked at birth by a medical professional/midwife to make sure their hips are normally developed. If there is any concern, your doctor/midwife will advise you appropriately.

This is completely normal, just like the pressure marks we get from fabric against our skin. The soft leg out padding makes sure that there is no hard pressure on the baby’s thighs. Do check the fit to make sure you are not over-tightening the carrier.Babies are still developing and cannot regulate their body temperature like adults can. This makes them a bit more sensitive to heat and cold. Keep your baby cool by dressing them lightly, the carrier counts as one additional layer, don’t forget! Pick a more breathable fabric like linen if you live in a very hot and humid climate.

Yes, babywearing is known to be soothing for many babies with colic. The upright position and gentle pressure on their abdomen can provide some relief. It may also be calming for your baby to be held to feel the security and closeness to a parent. For parents, a carrier is a big help to your arms and back, as it supports your baby and distributes their weight during those long evenings, while also freeing your hands for other things you may need to attend to.

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Soul is currently operational only in India and Singapore. In 2020, we decided to be a local brand focussed on working with our local communities. While we are not actively operating internationally, we do take special requests and group orders. Please email us on and we will be happy to help!

All Soulslings® Baby Carriers are eligible for a return/exchange within 10 days of delivery, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee! After 10 days a flat fee of Rs.500 will be charged on returns and exchanges will be free. 

Products not eligible for return/exchange: Seconds Baby Carriers, Lumbar Support, Drool Pads, Soft Toys, Baby Shoes, Storage Bags, Tote Bags, and Gift Cards.

If you receive a defective/wrong product, it is eligible for exchange.

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We accept all forms of online payment, Cash on Delivery and have EMI options as well.

In the unlikely event that we have inadvertently sent you incorrect or defective merchandise, please notify us immediately at mentioning ‘RETURN/EXCHANGE of Order [number]’ in the subject line. Do include clear and detailed photographs/videos (ideally taken in natural daylight) of both - the product(s) and the packaging so that the defect or damage is clearly visible.

Yes, you can exchange your new and unused gift in its original packing for any products from our website, or return it for a voucher with lifetime validity. Alternatively, you can attend one of our free babywearing sessions to help you and your baby get comfortable in your carrier.

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