Baby Carrier Q&A

What is ‘babywearing’?
Babywearing is the practice of keeping our little ones close to us using a baby carrier. Though the word came into modern vocabulary only in the 1980s, as a practice and using various carrier styles, the concept has existed for centuries among many indigenous and nomadic communities around the world.

Why should I use a baby carrier?
Baby carriers are a very useful and practical parenting tool. Read all about the Benefits of Babywearing here.

Can I wear my newborn?
Yes, newborns thrive on being held close! Read all about Newborn Babywearing here.

Do you have carriers for bigger children as well?
Our carriers are generously sized and designed to comfortably support children from 0-5 years. Take a look at our Carrier Comparison Page to find the carrier that is perfect for your family.

Can I breastfeed in your carriers?
Absolutely! All our carriers are breastfeeding friendly. We have some How-To videos to help you out. To put it simply, you loosen the carrier a little, enough to lower your child to a comfortable feeding position. Always remember to reposition your baby to an upright and kissable position afterward.

Is it safe to use your carriers?
Our carriers are designed to offer natural, ergonomic support to you and your child and we are tested and certified for international safety standards. Your baby sits within the carrier with their knees drawn higher than their bottom and their hands on their chest, mimicking the natural position when held in your arms. In addition, our carriers fit a wide range of adult bodies from petite to plus-sizes and are designed with comfort and safety as top priorities. If you or your baby have a medical condition, we recommend you take advice from your medical practitioner for your specific needs before using a carrier.

Which carrier should I buy, and in which fabric?
We understand that every family has different needs. Here’s the Soul Guide to choosing your baby carrier.

How can I get some help with my Soul carrier?
If you have misplaced or by mistake did not receive your product manual, you can find it here on our website. In addition, we have extensive video tutorials for each of our carriers. We also offer free one-on-one babywearing sessions with the Soul Team. For any further help or assistance, you can write to us at

How do I take care of my Soul product?
Your Soul product can be spot-cleaned as needed with a moist, soft cloth. If required, you may wash it by hand or machine using a gentle detergent free of optical brighteners. Please use a gentle wash cycle and line dry in shade to prevent colour loss and to preserve elastics. We recommend washing separately for the initial washes to avoid any possible colour transfer.

To minimize wear and tear, wash your carrier with all the webbing secured and all buckles closed to protect them and your machine. Ideally, place your Soul product inside a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase with the mouth tied shut during washing.

You may use a gentle steam iron to even out any wrinkles. Do not iron on any padded parts or near any webbing or buckles. Do not dry clean or bleach your Soul product. Harsh chemicals can weaken the fabric and fade the colours.

When not in use for long periods, we recommend you store your Soul carrier in the unbleached cotton storage bag provided.

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