Benefits of Newborn Babywearing

From comfort and sleep to development and breastfeeding, learn why wearing your newborn in a carrier is beneficial. Find the perfect baby carrier and start your babywearing journey today!

We know the importance of keeping our newborns comfortable and secure. Explore why babywearing is valuable for Indian parents and find the ideal baby carrier for you.


  1. Comfort: Babywearing reassures and soothes newborns by letting them hear your heartbeat.
  2. Sleep: Worn babies tend to sleep better and longer, especially during growth spurts and sleepless nights.
  3. Development: Ergonomic baby carriers provide proper support, promoting healthy development.
  4. Digestion: Babywearing helps relieve colic and aids digestion for newborns.
  5. Breastfeeding: Babywearing stimulates lactation, enhances bonding, and makes it easier to recognize hunger cues.
  6. Calmness: Worn babies feel secure and connected to caregivers, resulting in less crying.

Safety Tips for newborn Babywearing:

~Ensure the baby is upright with knees higher than their bottom for proper support.
~Keep the baby's face visible, chin off the chest, allowing easy breathing.
~Choose an ergonomic carrier suitable for newborns.
~Carry the baby high and close to you.
~Adjust the carrier snugly, providing proper support without excessive tightness.
~Support the baby's neck up to mid-ear level.
~Regularly check and adjust the baby's position for comfort and safety.

      When and how to Start Babywearing:

      For uncomplicated vaginal births, babywearing can begin from day one if the baby meets carrier requirements. Caesarean Section births might require healing time before starting babywearing so please consult your careprovider.

      Carry your baby as long as both of you are comfortable, taking breaks as needed.

      Souslings offers Aseema, Lali and Eka baby carriers which are suitable for newborn babywearing. Get in touch with our customer support team to understand which one is more suitable for your family needs.