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Pearl Rodrigues

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Lali is a great buy!!

I had bought lali for my 4 month old and in love with it for everything it brings. It's super lightweight, and very comfortable for the baby to even sleep on it while I am handsfree traveling out of home.

Lali Love: A Week of Easy Babywearing Bliss

My week of Lali
Finicky at first but I quickly got into the groove,then it was super easy It's light weight and super flexible.I could baby wear Aaryan at the front and also switch to wearing Inaaya on my back.Legend has it,I can even hip carry but I have it to try.Best part,I can roll it up tiny and slash it in my work bag for daily commute from work to the girl's school.

Joyful Journeys: Embracing Comfort with My Soulsling

I can cook,I can dance and I can work as well.I am feeling comfort and also my baby is also comfort I guess.Firstly I am really happy to hold this soulsling and I got to know this from Insta page scrolling down and I am really happy for that I got to know this and yes when I got to compared to my first baby we were also using the other brands but it's really comfortable.The quality and comfort is really good and I can go anywhere out with my baby and first son as well.

Lali Baby Carrier 0-2 Years
Soul Slings Adventure

Thankful to have another opportunity to test another product from Soul Slings, they first approached us to test their woven wraps when we had 2 babies in 2015. 10 years of babywearing and testing woven wraps kindly sent our way, this would be the very first time we are testing a buckled carrier. Looking forward to sharing more soon after 5 out of the 7 of us recover from a nasty bug.

Cozy Connections

We love wearing our daughter in a baby carrier because it's extremely cozy and very romantic

Cotton Printed Aseema Baby Carrier
Sivaranjani K.

I initially purchased denim aseema from Amazon as I didn't know much about the brand. I loved using it so much so that I researched more about the brand and purchased linen aseema in the colour breeze from the brand directly. The denim version is softer after first wash but nothing beats the softness and comfort of linen. Linen is definitely is worth the higher price. I tend to use the carriers for my daily walks and wash them frequently as my baby chews all over the neck padding. Having aseema has allowed me to travel more with my 5 month old. Before buying a carrier, I used to be extra cautious while climbing stairs or walking in uneven roads due to the fear of dropping the baby. But now I even climb 3 floors of stairs without any trouble. Definitely recommend the aseema for all new parents out there.

Babywearing: Safety, Freedom, and Easy Living

My baby is one year old.I started wearing my baby in the carrier from when he was 4 weeks old.To me baby wearing means safety and freedom.Like if I carry him more than 5,10 minutes my hands might strats aching.But in the case of a carrier I can carry him even for like3-4 hours together.I have been on safari,I have been on boat ride,I have travelled in aeroplanes.So everything is possible because I was able to have my hands free and walk around while having the baby also.So if you are expecting a baby the first thing I would ask you to go and buy a carrier.Because it really makes your life easy.

Lali: Cotton baby Carrier
Sahana P.

Lali carrier is a super boon! I personally like the hip carrying feature which is wonderful actually because it helps you to do your work keeping your hands free and babies can see what we are doing also.

I am a mother of a four month old baby boy. When I was pregnant and researching parenting styles, I was clear that I wanted to practice attachment parenting with my child. Ever since then, my search for babywearing solutions began, which led me into the infant carrier world. However, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to find something that would meet all my requirements. Until, I cam across a soulslings ad on FB. It seemed to be what I was looking for, yet I was nervous to purchase it - What if the back support wasn't adequate? or worse, my baby didn't like it?

After speaking to the customer support, I put my fears aside and decided to go ahead with the purchase. I have to say, my fears receded when I looked at the make of the product. Not only was the fabric lightweight and breathable but there was no compromise on safety. Best of all-my baby slept for 20mins on the first try itself!

Thank you soulslings for being the perfect solution to our parenting needs.

it is a great product and gives such a releif and hand free , hassle free traveling for both child and parent.

Lali: Cotton baby Carrier
Nivishna V.

Lali is such a game changer. Never thought my kid would be comfortable in a carrier for so long. It has 4 positions so kids get to be comfortable. It's so lightweight and easy to carry around. Best product from soulslings!

Lali: Compact, Versatile, and Cozy

Lali is so compact.Lali has 4 carry positions.
-back carry
-front carry
-forward facing
-side carry
My 16 month old always comes back for rest and snuggle.Easy up and easy to breastfeed

We absolutely love soul carriers since I was introduced to it back in 2018 (soul maasa & aseema) and the love continues even now in 2023 with baby2. The soul carrier is absolutely a hit in our family and even dad gets his cuddles while the bubba snuggles in warm. We can't thank the team enough for making life so comfortable for us. The quality is absolutely top notch and beautiful colours too.

Love the pouch sling! It has become my most preferred carrier (I own Anya as well). The sling is so easy to use once you get the hang of it and its perfect for both baby and me. If you are someone who is worried about back pain while using carriers, this one is amazing. So affordable and yet so comfy!! Big kudos to Soul team for creating something so unique and intuitive 💗

It's hard little bit...i don feel like cotton i feel like baby is not comfortable..if it's breathable it wud be fine i guess

This product is excellent as it provides great comfort for both my baby and myself. It is definitely worth investing in. Taking walks in the morning and evening is enjoyable and allows for plenty of bonding time.

We bought our little one his first toy when he was 3 months old, and it quickly became his favourite. This soft toy was perfect for him at that time because he had just started grasping things like his own clothes, blankets, and our fingers. Unlike other toys and rattles with hard surfaces that could potentially hit his face, this one caused no safety concerns.

Drool pads are easy to remove and wash. Liked it

We loved the carrier both baby & parents are comfortable and very happy with the purchase:)

Cotton Solid Aseema Baby Carrier
Aurosmita P.

My baby loves it!

Cotton Printed Aseema Baby Carrier
Manisha M.

Aseema has been a boon to me in many ways ! With Aseema I'm able to do many things that I couldn't have been able to do otherwise. I go for walks peacefully along with my little munchkin and the joy of holding my baby so close to me for so long and that too hands free is something amazing and I cannot describe it in words. More than anything my baby enjoys it. All thanks to soul for making my life easier.

Cotton Solid Anya Baby Carriers
Shruti D.

My baby and I love it! From evening strolls to calming my little one when he's sleepy or cranky, I have started using Anya carrier through the day. Its so easy to use and the quality of the carrier is great. Also, love the ruby color!

I had a tough time carrying new born baby in the baby wrap and going to places. I was so keen on finding the most suitable carrier so that i can have the baby and also be handsfree. After a lot of search I decided to go ahead with Soul Eka. I was unsure about it as all were praising only aseema. I wanted somethng with less adjustments as my husband would also used it. And i cant thank Soul team enough. It was such a boon and back pai. saver!!! It was a part of our hospital visits, coffee dates, movie time, walk time, first flight and the list goes on. Also once the baby was sick and was struggling to latch. I thought of giving it a try and feeding in the carrier. It was so helpful and i was glad I made this choose of buying the carrier. So if you are a new mom reading this review I would say just go for it. Its such a easy, convenient, and comfy for the baby carrier. Also I have been using in the summers and didnt have any issues. Here is a pic of mom n Baby having a sunset walk on the beach of Goa, while dad enjoy swimming. Thank you for making such an awesome product.

Cotton Solid Aseema Baby Carrier
Roopa A.

Initially my baby was not sitting more than 5 mins …After 2 or 3 times,he got used to it. Nowdays he loves to sit in baby carrier …Thanks to soulslings