Care & Maintenance

Caring for your Soul product is easy. All Soulslings Baby Carriers can be both hand washed and machine washed. Remember our products are made from natural fabrics and are prone to wear and tear with extensive washing. 

  • For your first wash, please wash your carrier separately without detergents in cold water as natural fabrics tend to bleed color on the first wash.
  • After which we suggest spot cleaning regularly and washing only when necessary to extend the life of your carrier.
  • You may hand wash them separately using detergents free of optical brighteners.
  • When you machine wash them, use cold water, set your machine on the delicate cycle and line dry on a flat surface. 
  • Place the product in a mesh bag or pillowcase during machine wash. Minimize wear and tear by washing them buckled up.
  • Store your Soul carrier in a storage pouch (or any cloth bag) when not in use for long periods.



  •  Avoid hot water, as it can cause fading and damage to buckles and webbing.
  • Do not use the "baby care" wash mode with high temperatures and steam.
  • Avoid ironing sections with padding, webbing, buckles, elastic, or snaps.
  • Do not dry clean or bleach; harsh chemicals can weaken fabric and fade colors.