Soul Gives Back - Humble Beginnings

As we grew as a company, so did our hearts. With every happy customer, we felt so much gratitude and love and it was only natural that as our cup filled up that it began to overflow to those who needed it the most.

In India, thousands of women carry their children to work every day because they are the primary and sometimes the only caregiver to their kids. We believe that babywearing can truly empower and uplift a family in a difficult situation. It gives you the freedom to go anywhere, and do or be anything you want to while being physically available for your babies. It means you can perform your daily tasks while keeping your children supported and closer to you. For many working mothers, a baby carrier can play a huge role in feeling a sense of security, knowing that their child is safe, loved, fed, and happy… This is all every mother really wants for her baby.

Here is the story of Mary and Josh, the family that inspired it all:

Soul Baby Carriers
“I became first Josh’s doctor, then his legal medical guardian, then his foster mother and now his mummy forever”
...Mary, Orissa

Mary Cusack is a pediatrician working in Orissa. She first met Josh when he was 5 months old, abandoned, and in need of extreme care medically and emotionally. As a doctor who knew the benefits of babywearing, Mary started wearing Josh and she was first introduced to Soul  Baby Carriers by one of her friends. The bond between the two grew stronger and Mary eventually went through the process of adoption. It was a long journey of recovery and treatment for both Mary and Joshua, and using a carrier comforted him and made him feel secure, helping his mental and physical development at the same time. Soul has supported this family in their babywearing journey and much more.

There are so many families in need all over our country and we are grateful for those we are able to connect with and help in some little way:

Soul Gives Back

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“After she completed her 9th month we came to know that she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. We were broken. But I hope I will make her better.
My friend Sravishta Sridhar introduced me to Rama and Soul Family. Within a week Rama contacted me and Soul donated a toddler carrier for my darling baby.

** no words to thank you all **

I have never seen her this calm before. She felt so happy and silent.”

...Nivetha, CoimbatoreAnd there are times when asking for help is difficult. Our doors and our hearts are open, especially when there are babies out there who need to be loved that much more:

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Soul Gives Back
“His name is Yosef Koha Huika. “Koha” means “gift” in Maori. He is of the Bondo tribe of Odisha, India. Sadly, his mother passed away during his birth. He was brought to “The Life Foundation” in Odisha less than a week after he was born. They have committed to permanent long term care of him.

Divya has made memories with her beautiful son, Ethan, in this carrier, making it deeply special and sentimental for her. It gives us so much joy to know that babies at The Life Foundation receive the love and snuggles they need in this extra special Soul carrier.”

...from Soul Family, Facebook