Baby Pouch Slings by Soul

Simple. Compact. Familiar.



The Baby Pouch Sling is the latest carrier, from the award-winning baby carrier brand, Soulslings®. Inspired by the traditional sling carry used by communities around the world, it is a simple, compact and familiar carrier for your babywearing journey. It is a pre-sized, no adjustments, super simple to use, front and hip carrier for babies from 3 months to 2 years. 


Using a sling is part of traditional parenting

For generations and across cultures, caregivers (primarily mothers) have used a piece of cloth to carry their little ones close - from early infancy, well into toddlerhood. With this carrier, we believe that everyday babywearing can be made easy by returning to the basics of our carrying traditions.
The Soul journey began 8 years ago with ring slings and our customers (and our whole team!) have loved cuddling babies in them. While they are wonderful carriers, the learning curve was often why customers preferred a buckle carrier over them. With no parts to figure out, a baby pouch sling is easier to use than a ring sling or a buckle carrier!

Carrying a little one on the hip is a common and familiar sight. Now with a baby pouch sling, that same position is supported ergonomically to make it comfortable and completely hands-free.

Daily babywearing simplified

The baby pouch sling is a single piece of fabric with absolutely no additional parts - no rings, no buckles, no straps, no adjustments. This makes it very lightweight and compact, and also simple to use. It weighs less than 150 grams and folds down to the size of a cloth diaper! It fits into any hand bag or diaper bag, making it a great addition to your carrier collection, even if you already have a buckle carrier which may be bulky to take along.

It is the perfect carrier to use at home, especially with a curious toddler. Once your baby starts walking, they want to explore their surroundings and the next minute want to be up in your arms. Effortlessly pop your babe in and out of the sling as needed.

What makes a Baby Pouch Sling special?

1. Familiar & Intuitive

    Inspired by traditional carrying, it supports baby in a natural position on your hip.

    2. Simple to use

      Everyday babywearing simplified with zero adjustments, no buckles, straps or rings.

      3. Compact & Lightweight

        With no additional parts, this carrier weighs as much as, and folds down to the size of a cloth diaper… yes, you read that right!


        The Baby Pouch Sling checks all the other boxes when it comes to what you can expect in a product from Soulslings®:

        ~Handmade with love
        ~Soft, breathable, natural fabrics
        ~Comfortable, safe, ergonomic babywearing
        ~Made by parents for parents



        What are the technical details?

        It is super lightweight at just 150 grams! 

        We are known for our fabric and our Baby Pouch Sling is no exception. It is made using premium quality, weight tested, natural cotton/linen coloured with baby-safe dyes.

        Soulslings® Baby Pouch Slings are available in 5 sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and custom sizes* are made to order.

        They are made from 100% woven cotton or linen for comfort and safety. This makes the carrier fitted with minimal stretch.

        The Baby Pouch Sling is a perfect everyday carrier and we hope you and your little one will fall in love with Slinging.



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