How is it to wear a hug?
After 40 weeks of being inside the womb , any newborn would naturally want to have the same warmth , comfort, and security once he/she arrives Earthside. But at times the mother in her postpartum recovery phase wants to stretch and lie down between feeds and diaper changes to get relief from pinching back and body pains - Babywearing to the rescue! It is the best way to transition them from womb to world.

While it is an age-old tradition , it has gained a lot of popularity in the last 10 years. Keep reading to know my first encounter with babywearing to how it has become a constant in my life!

I got introduced to the concept of babywearing when my son S was about 3 months old. That’s when I purchased my first carrier from Soul slings after trying them out at an exhibition. Since then, there has been no looking back. Both my husband took turns in babywearing S (before we got our own carriers!!) & managed long nights , shopping trips , evening walks with our carrier. A few months post that was when the pandemic struck, and we were all confined to the 4 walls of the house for more than a year! With both my husband and I working full time jobs , managing a 10-month-old gushing with energy got a lot easier with babywearing. While he was an independent child who used to spend his time with his books , vessels and toys , there were times when he wanted to be carried around. Be it while I was prepping meals for the day or his
father putting out clothes to dry or either of us attending to work calls , we never had to say no to the little one! He used to hop on and get seated comfortably in his carrier while we could attend to our chores – what a win-win! Oh , both pre & post pandemic whenever I had to travel alone with my boy, having a carrier has been a blessing in disguise – we have sailed through endless check in queues and delayed baggage arrivals seamlessly without any tantrums simply because he was all cozy & comfortable in his carrier , could nap whenever he wanted to and be as close to mumma as possible! Its literally like wearing a hug ...

When we found out that we were expecting baby no 2 , one of the earliest decisions made was to start babywearing as early as possible. I’m glad I did just that! My little girl is extremely fond of contact naps and isn’t a fan of spending time on the bed or the floor on her own - what better way to deal with this than to use a carrier? Babywearing her has also helped me spend as
much time as possible with the first born – be it lending a hand to him while he colors or reading a book to him while also putting her to sleep , everything has become easier with my Soul carrier!
Yes , there’s a small learning curve to how to use a carrier but doesn’t everything have one? You got to try it to see what world of a difference it makes to your lives! Ever since I started using Soul carriers , I have recommended them to every momma to be and all their experiences have been on the positive side!

The snuggly feeling while being seated in a carrier helps in reducing colic in newborns , creates a safe space for the child and the parent , enables them to see the world around while also being in the protective arms of the parents , helps us to be on the go without any assistance to manage the baby , absence of back pain and keeps the baby in a calm and composed state. Aren’t these enough reasons to invest in an ergonomic and well-made carrier like Soul? Try it to believe it!
And once you are done , you can always rehome it to another set of new parents in town! That’s how sustainably made this product is.

Not just the carrier , every product at Soul is thoughtfully curated and this comes from personal experience. My second favorite is the ‘Soul toes’ – oh boy! They should totally start making this in adult sizes! Soft like a cloud , fits like a charm , doesn’t suffocate the child’s feet despite using them for long– it definitely is my dream footwear! It was S’s first pair of footwear once he outgrew the ‘push away the socks phase’ and was a constant until he was 1.5 years old. He’s already chosen the colors of Soul toes to buy for his baby sister – we are good to go! The next on my wish list is their backpack for his LKg next year !

If you have reached until here , its now time to head to their website and try the products to see why I’m absolutely in love with Soul!
Happy parenting!

Vidya Venkatrramani
Mom of 2 (3Y & 1M)