EKA: One Unique Journey

Eka is the latest carrier, from the award-winning baby carrier brand, Soul. It is a compact, no adjustments, super simple to use, newborn-ready carrier.

Why did we design this carrier?

In our many years of experience with families, babies, and carriers, we have learnt that the earlier you start babywearing, the greater the benefits are for both parent and baby.

We wanted to design a product that makes babywearing with a newborn so simple, safe, and easy, that more parents will be excited and encouraged to try it with their new baby.

We understand that new parents are already overwhelmed with all the changes in life. Our aim was to introduce a carrier that doesn’t intimidate, fits all body shapes and sizes with ease, and is light and compact enough to fit even in a diaper bag to make your first babywearing experience a breeze.

Eka is the answer to all of these.

Soul Baby Carriers
Soul baby carriers

What makes it different from our previous carriers?

For the first time ever, we have a Soul carrier that fits a baby from the newborn days until over 1 year, with absolutely no adjustments!

The magic seat design opens by itself to accommodate your growing babe.

Eka is the simplest to use newborn baby buckle carrier, and it is perfect to start off your babywearing journey.

Soul Baby Carriers

Soul Baby Carriers - EKA

What are the technical details?

- Eka is designed to fit babies from 0-1 year, with a minimum weight requirement of 3.2 kgs.

- Eka is our lightest weighing carrier at just 520 grams!

- The cotton-linen blend used to make Eka combines the best qualities of these two natural fibres - cotton makes it soft and mouldable, while the linen makes it ultra-lightweight, strong and safe, and naturally moisture-wicking.

- Carrying your newborn is stress-free when you know your carrier is made using the best quality fabric and hardware (buckles+straps).

- Eka, like all our other baby carriers, is safety-tested and certified for use up to 10kgs.

Why should you be wearing your newborn?
One of the best ways for your new baby to experience and adapt to their new world is to hold them close. This gives them a sense of familiarity and security, allowing them to gently transition from the womb to the world.

Eka-Soul baby Carriers

All about Eka:

- It is soothing and comforting to be held close to a caregiver. The baby can hear your heartbeat and smell your familiar scent, helping them relax, fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer.

- Wearing your newborn can help regulate their body temperature, their breathing, and their circadian rhythms.

- Babywearing can support and encourage your breastfeeding journey and the upright position can calm a colicky baby by putting gentle pressure on the abdomen.

-  Worn babies are known to be happy, calm, and secure, which aids greatly in healthy development - physical, mental, and emotional.

What about Eka makes it the perfect carrier for your early parenting days?

Soul Baby Carriers

It's absolutely easy to use:

Eka is our easiest to use and simplest buckle baby carrier so far. We know just how overwhelming those early days can be, especially if it is your first baby, and we wanted to make sure that you feel like reaching out to your baby carrier, rather than feeling scared to try something new and complicated.

It is specially designed for newborns:

- The fabric has been consciously chosen to provide the best qualities of both cotton and linen for soft, delicate new baby skin

- Soft and gentle padding is easy on a mama’s healing postpartum body.

- The PFA sleeve cover keeps the webbing tucked away from the baby's face.

- A foldable neck support gives you more options according to your baby’s needs.

Soul Baby Carrier
Soul Baby Carrier

Magic Seat

- Eka's seat opens up by itself to support your newborn as they grow (0-1 year), with no additional parts or adjustments.

- This is a time when your baby grows rapidly, changing from month to month and they want to be held, a lot!

Wear your baby confidently, knowing that Eka is holding both of you with love. Every family, every parent, and child is special, important, and deserves to be supported. Your Soul Eka will be a perfect companion through your #OneUniqueJourney.