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We are a family run business started by parents on a mission to reach other families and caregivers everywhere with the freedom and magic of babywearing. Chinmayie, our founder, started Soul in 2014 out of her home, when she couldn’t find quality baby carriers for herself in India. She fell in love with babywearing with her second child and quickly learned that there is more to baby carriers than just having your hands free.
The brand has grown exponentially over the last 6 years and today we can proudly say that we are India’s largest and best ergonomic baby carrier brand.

Soul-baby-carriers-heart By Parents, for Parents
Soul is led by two designers, Chinmayie and Ravindra, who are also babywearing parents passionate about attachment parenting, and supported by an online team of mothers, all of whom have worn their babies too! It is because of this unique combination that we are able to fully recognise our customers’ needs, resulting in products that you love - safe, affordable, beautiful baby carriers.
Soul Baby Carrier
Safe Carrying
Our team’s collective years of carrying experiences help us understand the different needs of different families, and that comfort and safety need to go hand in hand for a positive babywearing experience. All our baby carriers are ergonomically designed by babywearing parents and certified babywearing educators. All our carriers are tested and certified to international standards. All the hardware - buckles, straps, snaps, and zippers - that goes into your baby carrier is of the best, safest, certified quality. We use only 100% natural fabrics - linen and cotton - for all our carriers. Our fabrics are weight tested for safety and we only use baby-safe dyes, no chemicals, no nasties!
Soul baby carriers
Support Local
Soul has been a pioneer in introducing and popularising modern ergonomic baby carriers in India, with our dedicated approach to educating Indian parents about the benefits of babywearing. Our educational videos, tutorials, and other content have helped thousands of new parents take their first steps into babywearing. We are a brand that has grown because of, and through the era of social media, and have a strong, supportive community of parents online.
As of 2020, we are a local brand supporting our local communities, focusing all our time and efforts, creating jobs, and continuing to spread the babywearing love in our home country, India.
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Soul Baby Carriers - Brand with a Heart
A Brand with Heart
We believe in respectful, humane, and ethical business practices, and we work hard to effect a bigger change in our society. Supporting small and local is part of our core beliefs and we extend this from our weavers to our seamstresses, and from our housekeeping staff to our packing team. Read more about our brand ethics here.
Soul baby carriers - Earth Earth Love
We believe that our greatest responsibility is to our home - our planet. In a time of climate change, depleting resources, and consumerism, we have time and again had to ask ourselves what is most important to us? 2020 brought with it a renewed dedication to our Earth. Going back to our core philosophies of sustainability, eco-friendliness, and mindful choices, we made a big conscious choice to stop international shipping entirely. Our continued efforts include working with manufacturers who use solar and wind energy to power their plants, using packaging which has no print on it to avoid the use of harmful chemicals and our reusable cloth Kora cotton carrier drawstring pouches. We pioneered a change in the elaborate paper billing process of our logistics provider by optimising and digitising their invoice delivery system. These are some of our small steps to a greater change, and we are committed to always making choices that are better for our planet.
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Women Supporting Women
We are proud of our 96% female workforce and we love for them to bloom and grow. We empower our women by offering them flexible work hours, encouraging them to take up professional training, and helping them become stronger team players within our organisation. We employ women from the local community here in Bangalore, many of whom have blossomed into confident team leaders and designers through our training programme.

Most of the women who work with us are mothers, and we extend our support where it is most important for them - the education of their children. We grant interest-free loans to all our employees who need financial support to put their kids through school.
Soul baby carriers - earth
Customer Satisfaction
We are one big, happy family. Many of our customers have chosen to follow and stay in touch with us over the years. We have met some wonderful families and some very strong mothers throughout our journey. When it comes to customer service, we do not leave any stone unturned in making sure that our families are happy and satisfied. Even before the babywearing journey starts, we help parents and caregivers with the right information about the science behind babywearing. We guide, support, and handhold our customers throughout their babywearing journey. We have grown together, one mom, one family at a time and this has helped us build a strong foundation of trust and a beautiful relationship with our customers.