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“The story of Soul began with the birth of my daughter in 2009. She was a high needs baby who wanted to be carried constantly so I bought a baby carrier by a well-known international brand. Unfortunately, the thickly padded carrier was completely unsuited to our climate. I gave up on baby carriers but the idea of babywearing stuck with me.

After 4 years when I found out I was pregnant again, as a second time parent I wanted to try doing a few things differently. I wanted to babywear extensively because I knew that babies like to be held. After prolonged research, I decided that a ring sling was the ideal choice for my lifestyle and the Indian climate. As it wasn’t available locally in India, I had to source it from outside.

I wore my newborn son in a sling for the first time when he was barely a few days old. I fell in love with babywearing instantly. My newborn son was comfortably napping on me while I read books or went out for walks with my 5-year old daughter. Every time he cried, all I needed to do was to wear him in my sling and he would settle down in minutes. I never stepped out of the house without one and I simply couldn’t imagine my life without the sling!

I realised what a fantastic parenting tool babywearing can be. Knowing how my life as a new parent with my daughter could have been a very different experience if I had found a good baby carrier made me want to start manufacturing and selling baby slings.

Soul slings were announced on social media in 2014 when my own son was barely 6 months old. As a mother who was experiencing all the benefits of babywearing personally, I knew I could make a difference in every parent’s life by introducing safe, comfortable, and affordable baby carriers to them. I decided to make small batches of baby slings with locally available textiles. As a babywearing father, my husband Ravindra was also convinced that it’s a great product to introduce to our local community. Together we worked on a logo, an e-commerce website, and started selling baby slings.

People loved the sling and word started to spread quickly about soul.

People loved the sling and word started to spread quickly about Soul. Orders started pouring in and Ravindra and I got busy keeping up with it. We had to constantly work on increasing our production capacity to meet the growing demand. We slowly started adding more people to our team and set up a small studio space with a few local seamstresses.

As my son and I explored different styles of babywearing, Soul expanded its range of baby carriers, and with it, the number of satisfied customers. We built a small and strong community of babywearers through our little brand. Our aim was to have as many happy babywearing Soul families as possible and we took great efforts to make sure they were absolutely comfortable and satisfied with their babywearing experience.

What started as a local venture soon started growing popular outside India as well. Babywearers around the world fell in love with Soul for what it stands for as a brand, our growing team of moms, and the quality and range of products we offered while striving to be an ethical, conscious brand.

Soul Baby Carriers

As we complete 6 years in this industry we are grateful for everything that we have experienced through Soul and our life around it. We have interacted with thousands of new parents and have observed the huge impact babywearing has on them. Carrying your babies meets one of their most basic needs which is to be held and loved. This can create a deep and long-lasting bond between babies and their caregivers and loved ones. We hope our happy and secure worn Soul babies build a compassionate world tomorrow.

Today every time a happy Soul parent sends us their babywearing success story, we are reminded why we started Soul in the first place. It makes me believe that babywearing is magic, that it can change lives and society at large.

~ Chinmayie

Soul baby carriers - Chinmayie
Chinmayie, our founder, was born and raised in a small town near Mangalore, India, called Puttur. She moved to Bangalore to pursue a degree in art, after which she worked as a freelance graphic designer. She married Ravindra, who was also a designer. After her daughter’s birth, she moved away from mainstream design and started pursuing her passion for food. This soon resulted in a very successful blog, www.lovefoodeat.com. The blog advocates sustainable, eco-friendly, and mindful living, which are the same values that Soul was founded on and stands for, to date.