Happy Together with Soul!

It has been 7 years of Soul - Thousands of happy families holding their babies close. We are grateful to every single customer who has helped us grow, it is because of each one of you that we have reached where we are today. As a part of our Anniversary celebrations we want to share some special real parenting journeys that are inspiring and heartwarming. Read on for some genuine customer experiences and reviews and follow our Instagram for many more everyday Soul stories.

Aswathi and Anish are a young couple head over heels in love with their baby determined to leave a better planet for her by leading an eco-friendly lifestyle and making sustainable choices, be it cloth diapering, using preloved clothes or being close to nature.

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Brinda and Vasuki were unsure about a lot of things when they discovered they were expecting a baby, but if there was one thing they knew, it was that they were going to do it all together. Whether it’s the late nights, diaper changes or babywearing, they believe in equal parenting and sharing the load.

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An early years practitioner and currently revelling in her role in raising two wonderful, joyous girls, Zainab feels privileged to be able to watch her children grow. She loves spending time with them whether it be reading books, painting together, dancing or simply being silly.

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Carol is a food safety inspector and knew for sure, while expecting her baby,  that she wanted to be a babywearing mama. However, she had to wait till her baby reached the minimum weight limit and was told by doctors to do kangaroo care with the little one. Once reassured that she could safely babywear, she discovered that she loved having her baby close and snug and experienced the many benefits of using a carrier.

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Vaishnavi is an illustrator who designs nature centric early learning products for children. Her biggest inspiration is her own kids. As a mom of 2 young children with only a one year age gap, she believes she couldn’t have done it all if not for babywearing. She has worn both her kids extensively in carriers and was able to run her business and care for them at the same time.

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