Soul Story

The story of Soul began with the birth of my daughter Alaru. She was a high needs baby who wanted to be carried constantly so I bought a baby carrier by a well-known international brand. Unfortunately the thickly padded carrier was completely unsuited to our climate.

However, after 4 years when I found out I was expecting again, I was a more confident parent who wanted to babywear extensively. After prolonged research, I decided on a ring sling was the ideal choice considering my lifestyle and the Indian climate. I had to get it down from the US as it wasn’t locally available.

The first time I wore my son in my ring sling was when he was barely a few days old. I fell in love with my ring sling instantly. My newborn son was comfortably napping on me while I read books or went out for walks with my 5-year old daughter. Every time he was crying, all I needed to do was to wear him in my ring sling and he would settle down in minutes. I couldn’t imagine my life without my baby carriers. I never stepped out of the house without one. I remembered my life when my daughter was a newborn and realized that with a good ring sling those days could have been a lot less stressful for both of us.

That’s when I decided to start Soul in 2014. I knew I could make a difference in every parent’s life by introducing them to safe and affordable babywearing. As my son and I explored different styles of babywearing, Soul grew and increased its options for babywearers everywhere. When we started out I searched in vain for baby carriers which were locally made, well-constructed and elegant. So I decided to do it myself. It’s a product that changed my life & I want every parent to experience the joy of wearing their baby close to their heart.

Being a mother myself, and having used and loved ring slings, I knew that every parent would benefit from having a ring sling. I knew the benefits of babywearing and how it could create deep and long lasting bonds between children and their loved ones. Everyday, parents who use Soul  carriers share pictures, updates and stories of their lives and their children with me. Those are what make me believe that this is my niche.

~ Chinmayie


Chinmayie, our founder, was born and raised in a small town near Mangalore, India, called Puttur. She moved to Bangalore to pursue a degree in art, after which she worked as a freelance graphic designer. She married Ravindra, who was also a designer. After her daughter’s birth, she moved away from designing, and started pursuing her passion of cooking. This soon resulted in a very successful blog, , for which she was the photographer as well. The blog advocates sustainable, eco friendly and  mindful living which are the same values that Soul stands for.

The design process at Soul is greatly helped by Chinmayie’s background in art. Her husband Ravindra who was a branding & UI consultant, is now working with her in building India’s largest ergonomic baby carrier brand. They believe in making babywearing safe, affordable, & accessible to Indian parents and caregivers.

Soul has received recognition from several Indian and International programs. Some of them include :

  • Winner of ‘Best Babywearing Outreach Program’ by Babywearing International (International Babywearing Week October 2016) for their carrier donation programme Soul Gives Back
  • Nomination: WEAR ‘Community Appreciation Award’ for “manufacturers who are making a difference in the world of babywearing education.” (April 2016)
  • Soul organised India’s first ever certified babywearing educator course in November 2016.
  • Through donations (monetary or otherwise), media mentions and other methods we have always supported and continue to support educators, carrier libraries and of course babywearing conferences such as Wear All The Babies in Australia and The Big Latch On in New York.We also work with doctors and birth practitioners in India to help families understand how baby carriers can fulfil their pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting goals.