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Why should you wear your baby?

Here are 12 beautiful benefits of Babywearing!

Babies need to be held close and snug. It is biologically natural, and it’s their most basic need to thrive in the out of womb environment. Realistically, it isn’t possible to physically hold your baby all the time, and that’s where a baby carrier can change your everyday life. Babywearing can help both baby and caregiver in more ways than you may have realised.

Physiologically helps newborns and premature babies develop and thrive
Premature and newborn babies thrive when they are being held and soothingly touched. It helps babies relax and regulates their hormones and circadian rhythm so they can healthily gain weight, grow, and develop positively. The skin to skin contact with the baby is known to regulate body temperature, respiration, heartbeat, and increase blood oxygenation levels.

Reduces crying in babies and helps them sleep better
Carried babies are known to cry less because being held keeps them calm. They can hear the parent’s heartbeat as they did in the womb, which soothes them. The warmth and comforting smell of the parent’s body tell them they are in a safe place which helps them sleep better.

Helps baby transition from the womb to the world gently
The “fourth trimester” is a time of big physical and emotional changes as your baby adjusts to being outside the womb, and you adjust to your new life as a mum. When babies are wrapped close to you they can experience their new world from a safe, familiar space.

Reduces colic
A baby carrier holds your little one in an upright position, their torso and head supported completely against your body. The gentle pressure on the baby's abdomen helps reduce acid reflux and colic, and soothes any discomfort they may be facing, while their little tummies are developing.

Soul Baby Carrier

Makes for smarter, brighter, balanced babies
Your baby is listening in on your every word, observing, and learning from your interactions with people and objects around, from the best seat in the house. You might find yourself talking to them more when they are with you, which helps them develop their speech a lot faster. Your movement and their positioning in a carrier also help develop the baby's balance, coordination, and stability.

Helps with postpartum depression
Being in contact with babies helps moms to release oxytocin, also known as the love hormone. It also helps new mothers to gain confidence in taking care of their newborns because babies are content and happy in the baby carrier. When babywearing, mums are also able to do simple things independently while keeping the baby close. The best is when both baby and mom are able to go for a walk in the sun for a good dose of Vitamin D.

Supports your breastfeeding journey
Did you know that you can feed in a baby carrier? The physical closeness between baby and mother triggers oxytocin production, which aids lactation. Being close also makes it easier for mum to read baby’s early hunger cues and latch on successfully while both are calm. The upright position allows the baby to drink deeply and comfortably, while the carrier gives a bit of privacy to mum when feeding in public.

Soul Baby Carrier

Helps build a loving bond
New mums sometimes need a bit of help falling in love with their little one, everyone’s motherhood journey is different. A baby carrier can be a boost of happy hormones, support to an aching back, or even a companion during the long sleepless nights. New dads crave the closeness with their babies that a mother experiences through breastfeeding. Dads will love holding their little one close for someone on one bonding time - a carrier makes it easier and can give fathers confidence to hold their delicate new baby. The same goes for grandparents and other relatives, who want to cuddle with the new addition, and give mum a break every now and then. Adoptive parents too, benefit greatly from using a carrier to bond with their baby.

Hands-free parenting
What’s better than snuggling with your baby while having your hands free at the same time? This can give you the independence to get your work done, attend to an older sibling, rush with your luggage at the airport, or handpick the freshest vegetables at the market. Do all this and more, while your baby is happy, comfortable, and close to you in a carrier.

Soul Baby Carrier

Keeps babies safe
When out and about, a carrier can keep your active baby engaged and interacting with the new surroundings, safe and close to their parents. Wearing them keeps them away from dirty surfaces, and protects them from cheek-pinching aunties. Carrying your toddler on your back can be very helpful when maneuvering through crowded public spaces, and ensures that they stay close to you, especially if you have a 3-year-old who has fallen in love with running!

It is good for your body too!
When a baby carrier is worn correctly, it makes the wearer stand up straighter, immediately making their posture better. Something as simple as a half-hour walk is made more effective when you have a 3-15kg (average weight of worn babies!) weight distributed evenly on your body. Babywearing also allows active parents to get back to simple stretching and light physical exercises while keeping their baby close.

Helps all kinds of families
Have an older child? Keep the new baby close while giving dedicated attention to your first baby. Elders at home who are in need of care? Your hands can be free to tend to them, even when you have a clingy baby. Single mums? Your baby carrier can be a lifesaver when you have to do it all on your own. Can’t afford day-care/a babysitter? Difficult relationships at home? Spousal abuse? Baby born with a medical condition? Babywearing can greatly help you and your baby, and keep you both #happytogether.

Soul Baby Carrier

This list could go on and on if we were to list every family’s unique experiences with how babywearing has helped them. When we say that a baby carrier can change your life and your outlook as a parent, we truly mean it. We hope this blog post has given you some insight into babywearing and just how helpful it can be.

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