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Newborn Babywearing
One of the best ways for your new baby to experience and adapt to their new world is to hold them close. This gives them a sense of familiarity and security, allowing them to slowly transition from womb to world.

Your heartbeat is the first sound the baby ever hears in utero. When worn in a carrier close to your heart, they can hear this familiar sound again. This deeply comforts and soothes a new baby.

Wearing a newborn facilitates skin to skin contact and this helps to stabilize and regulate the baby's body temperature and circadian rhythms. The warmth of the wearer and the snug carrier wrapped around them mimics how they felt in the womb, helping them to adapt to their environment.

Studies have shown that worn babies sleep better and for longer durations. A carrier is very helpful when you have a little one who needs swaying and rocking to help them fall asleep, especially during the long sleepless nights and growth spurts.

A baby carrier supports your baby’s neck and back ergonomically, distributing their weight through the hips and legs, relieving pressure from the baby’s delicate spine. Also, did you know that time in the carrier counts as tummy time?

A Ergonomic baby carriers hold newborns in an upright position with their knees higher than their bottom. This position is great for little tummies that are still developing. Colicky babies are also soothed from the gentle pressure on their abdomen while being worn.

Having the baby close to you stimulates the production of oxytocin, the happy hormone, which helps lactation and bonding. You can also read your baby’s hunger cues earlier and better when they are close to you in a carrier.

Worn babies feel connected to their caregivers and this makes them calm and happy. Some research has shown that carried babies cry less as well. 


Makes for smarter, brighter, balanced babies

- Make sure the baby is held in an upright position in the carrier at all times.

- The baby’s knees should always be higher than their bottom, and their legs in a spread squat, to make sure the spine and hips are supported for healthy development.

- At all times, the baby’s face and airways should be clear and visible, their chin off their chest, allowing them to breathe easily.

- Always choose the right kind of carrier that is ergonomically designed and supports newborn carrying.

- Please check and make sure the baby is carried high enough on your body and is close enough to kiss.

- Ensure the baby is always snug and well supported in the carrier. The carrier should not be too loose nor over tightened.

- Always make sure the carrier is supporting the baby’s neck, up to mid-ear level. Never cover and put pressure on a newborn’s head with a baby carrier.

- Check on your newborn often and reposition as needed for safety and comfort.

- Most importantly, please check for the carrier weight recommendations, and only use a carrier if your baby’s weight meets the requirements.

Newborn Baby Carrier

When is the right time to start wearing your newborn baby?
If you have had an intervention-free, vaginal birth, you can start wearing right from day one, as long as you and your baby are ready and your baby meets the carrier’s weight and size recommendations.
If you have had a Caesarean Section birth, make sure you give your body adequate time to heal before using a baby carrier. All of our carriers are worn high above your scar with a newborn, so whenever your body is ready, you can start wearing your baby. It is advisable to practice with a soft doll or pillow to get familiar with your carrier before the little one arrives.

How many hours a day can you carry your baby?
You can continue to wear your baby for as long as both of you are comfortable. Take a break for a feed, a quick breather or a diaper change as needed.

Which Soul Baby Carriers can be used with newborns?
All our carriers can be used with newborns. Here’s a brief description of each to help you choose which is the best for you and your baby. The carriers have been organised according to ease of use with a new baby.

Soul Eka

Baby Carrier


- It can be used from 0-1+ years

- Specially designed keeping newborns and new parents in mind.

- Absolutely no adjustments, super simple to use.

- Magic seat design opens up on it’s own to accommodate baby during the first year. Perfect carrier to start your babywearing journey.

Soul AseemA

Baby Carrier


- It can be used from 0-4+ years

- Inch-by-inch adjustability for the perfect fit for your baby at every stage.

- It has a soft padded neck support that can be used in three different ways.

- Award-winning design with amazing support and a perfect seat. Great for long term use.



We do understand that it can be an overwhelming time with a newborn and our team works tirelessly to support and encourage new parents on their babywearing journey. We provide free one-on-one video consultations with trained babywearing educators to help you get to know your carrier and find your perfect fit. Furthermore, wear with confidence, knowing that every carrier has been thoughtfully designed in collaboration with parents who are babywearers themselves.

The benefits of carrying your baby close are so many, and the earlier you start wearing, the better it is for both you and your baby. So start your babywearing days as soon as you can, for the early years do fly by so fast, and no parent has ever really felt like they carried or held their babies too much.

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