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What would you like to have for the little one, that you are yet to buy?“, my sister asked me when Tara was barely 2 months old. I would often tell her how our well-wishers and loved ones would send tons of clothes and baby essentials, and that we barely bought anything on our own for Tara for the first few months.

Soulslings Aseema“, pat came my reply. I had been eyeing one on their website since I got pregnant.

After a couple of discussions on the print, I finally got Soulslings Aseema in Kiro for Tara. Undoubtedly, one of the best gifts that a new parent can have! It was in a beautiful green colour with tiny prints on it.

Just as cloth diapering, baby wearing is also a learning curve. Most of us do not get it right in the first instance. It takes a couple of tries, fit checks, and a lot of patience to nail it. Thankfully, Soulslings has its own WhatsApp help support group and a Facebook group, where one can get support on babywearing.

Babywearing is not a new thing for sure! Women have been practicing this for ages, tying their babies with a soft mulmul cloth to their chest or back in the form of a home made sling and finishing their household chores. In fact, babywearing is a common practice in hilly areas.

The last month October was International Baby Wearing month. Baby wearing is a journey in itself. I will share my honest raw experiences here, so that others can take a cue out of it. Babywearing was very much welcome, because it helped me get hands-free. Someone rightly remarked “Babywearing is what blue-tooth headphones can do to you“! Every time Tara was cranky, I took to babywearing. It kept her warm and cosy, close to my chest.

Babywearing really helps while you travel. Imagine, the luggage and handbags that accompany you while your arms need to carry your little one? Also the travel documents that need to be readily available in your hand for security check. Babywearing is a blessing in such cases. I travelled all the way to Ahmedabad with Tara without any help, only because I baby-wore her in my Soul Anya. 

Choosing the right sling is also very important. Many brands have come up with their own versions, but I chose Soulsling since they make ergonomic carriers that are safe for the baby and are tried and tested. A good quality carrier with cotton fabric should be your ideal choice. First 8 months, Tara used Soul Aseema, but after she turned one, we invested in Soul Anya that has a front facing option. Tara is very curious and naturally loves to peep outdoors while she is strapped in the sling.

Few pointers for new parents or caregivers who want to baby wear their little ones.

1. Don’t start with babywearing right before the trip! Take small steps, start with babywearing at home. Then take your little one to a park or mall while babywearing. Once the baby feels comfortable, then you can go for outings while babywearing.
2. Always ensure that the baby is placed in a natural “M” or “squat” position (knees at/above the level of their bottom) while baby wearing. Your baby should be close enough to you so that you can kiss your baby. If you see signs of your baby getting uncomfortable, it has got to do something with the positioning of the carrier.
3. Also ensure that the baby’s back and neck is well supported. Do invest in a lumbar support too, really helps with your back ache. Improperly positioned carriers may give you back issues or create other areas of soreness or injury, especially with long periods of wear. While Soul Aseema comes with it’s own lumbar support, I had to buy one separately for Soul Anya.

      This Durga Puja, I baby wore Tara while pandal hopping and it has been such a blessing. Tara loved her pandal hopping while being strapped to the sling, and I did not feel tired by carrying her. Infact she was sleepy and slept during one such session, while I safely boarded a cab and got back home.

      If you ask me, baby wearing has been the best decision for me since I often step out alone with Tara. Be it visit to cafes, or mall, doctor visits or even visiting my parents, baby wearing her has been a bliss! I can go hands-free without having to worry about carrying her. Honestly, carrying a stroller isn’t a viable option for me as I normally avail public transport and not all places in India are stroller friendly. As your baby gains weight, it becomes increasingly difficult to carry your baby. Babywearing has been a blessing in my case!

      Nursing/Breast Feeding a baby while babywearing is also an added advantage. You don’t really need nursing covers and your baby can easily be fed and nursed to sleep. I also take a walk while wearing Tara.

      In case you are still apprehensive about investing in a carrier, do remember that all Soulslings Baby Carriers are eligible for a return/exchange within 10 days of delivery, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee! 

      Lastly, I would like to address some of the myths that involve babywearing.

      1. Baby wearing damages your spine – Big NO! A well supported carrier should be your answer. 
      2. Baby wearing makes your baby uncomfortable/suffocated – Never. It keeps your baby well rested. Just make sure you meet the minimum age/height requirements for a baby carrier.
      3. Baby wearing restricts your baby’s growth – Big Myth. Never happened for my little one.

          So that is it from my side. I hope this helps you in your decision for baby-wearing. Happy baby wearing!

          Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored review and the views expressed herein is my honest opinion. The product has been purchased by me.